Kritik: Global Metal Apocalypse
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Mal was aus dem Ausland von / Global Metal Apocalypse / über Atonement:


When you get a band that uses freaky artwork for an album you know it is going to be extreme, in fact this concerning ´Atonement´ is barely an understatement, because what explodes out of this second attempt is a myriad of gritty Death vocals, Melodic Thrash elements and a groovy atmosphere, all of which come together to face punch every f**ker that dares criticize this music, it rides with that feeling of being punched in the stomach so hard that you practically vomit your intestines, it is that brutal. Pit of Doom are the new face of German Extreme Metal and are sure to garner a furious amount of attention with ´Atonement´, if you think you know heavy music, you must be a newbie in metal, ´cause this is heavier than your last hangover.

Global Metal Apocalypse


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